BadAss Butterscotch- Lassi Juice

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  • Vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG)
  • 87/13 VG/PG Ration (Best in Class MAX vg/pg)
  • Volume- 60ml in Quantity, Strength 3mg
  • Flavour- Bad-Ass Butterscotch
  • Brand- Lassi Juice
  • Weight: 0.088 kg


BadAss Butterscotch- Lassi Juice

A burst of sweetness from butterscotch that will fulfilled your sweet tooth, a smooth flavor worth attempting. The Bad-Ass Butterscotch- Lassi Juice will surely satisfy you hungriness of sweet vape taste and creamy flavour makes it even better to vape. The BadAss Butterscotch- Lassi Juice is one of the greatest e liquid of all times. meanwhile Lassi E juice brand has bit Indian culture touch of Milk Products. Lassi is a drink originated from Punjab, India.

BadAss Butterscotch- Lassi Juice


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  1. This album proves why The Woo are the best band ever. Best music ever!

  2. Can’t wait to start mixin’ with this one! Irba-irr-Up-up-up-up-date your theme!

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