Dappy Flavour – Omega E liquid India

E liquid India Short Details-

  • Vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG)
  • 70/30 VG/PG Ration (Best in Class MAX vg/pg)
  • 60ml in Quantity, Strength 3mg
  • Brand- Element Premium E-liquids
  • Flavour Profile- Omega Dappy Flavour
  • Recommended by “E-liquids India”
  • Premium Flavour, Taste and Packaging


Dappy Flavour – Omega E liquid India-

Numerous individuals know, the citrus in the fluid is responsible for sharpness, which started to look all starry peered toward at a broad number of steamers. Agree, in light of the fact that it is fair on occasion to exhaust receptors with something invigorating? Here it isn’t particularly viewed. To be sure, something from the order of mandarin orange is there. Regardless, these notes are upset by various specialists of the tropics, milder. Completely they can’t be settled, however absolutely without the signs “Generous, what brutal!”. All around, not appalling!

OMEGA E-juice Reviews-


Dappy Flavour - Omega E liquid India-Dappy is a dusky flavour from Omega E liquid Series. It has a mixture and layers of Fruits. Ever tried Mix fruit Juice? Liked it? Then Dappy Flavour – Omega E liquid India is a e juice which is semi mix fruit juice available at E liquid India.

-On E liquids India Omega family has a “Dappy E Juice” Which beats all the premium vape juice available online in India.

-Omega is a Premium Brand in Terms of E juices. The E liquid is something which gives natural and artificial flavour taste where e juices are in natural taste like Apple, Mix fruit etc.

-E liquids can be a Redbull, Cola or any other cold and hot Drinks. Cheers for Omega E liquids. Buy Dappy Flavour – Omega E liquid India only at India’s #1 Online Store for E liquid – WWW.ELIQUIDSINDIA.IN


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