Jenn N Juice Lychee Blueberry Ice Tea E liquid , ,

Jenn N Juice Lychee Blueberry IceTea E liquid-

  • Vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG)
  • 70/30 VG/PG Ration (Best in Class MAX vg/pg)
  • 60ml in Quantity, Strength 3mg
  • Flavour Profile-Lychee Blueberry Iced Tea Flavor
  • Recommended by “E-liquids India”
  • Premium Flavour, Taste and Packaging


Jenn N Juice Lychee Blueberry Ice Tea E liquid-

The authentic and original Jenn N Juice Lychee Blueberry Ice Tea E liquid available at “E liquids India” that will blow your socks off. Like a nice Iced Cold Drink on a Hot Summer Day, Jenn ‘N Juice will quench that heat. There are e liquids online in India available with Ice Tea flavour where Jenn N Juice comes with two additional exclusive layers in E liquids. Jenn N Juice E juice Online has Blueberry as its first layer on vape e liquid and then Ice Tea respectively.

About VG/PG, Flavour and Vape Cloud-

The product is a combination of E liquid and E juice; together. The colour of Bottle is white where weight of whole package is 88.6 gram. As PG content is 0.4 and VG content is 0.6 respectively makes this e liquid perform out of the world.

What is E liquid? Which is best for you? and Why?

About Brand-

In the tropical timberlands of the Philippines, there lies an antiquated sanctuary loaded with riddle. Close-by townsfolk recount stories of the antiquated demolish. Numerous say when the moon is at its fullest, a fragrance fills the land. Nobody can pinpoint the correct scent, yet the youngsters say it odors of wild blueberries spouting through the tropics, the town senior citizens says it helps them to remember fascinating lychee’s they once had. At that point came, an overcome young lady, as delightful as she is gallant. A searcher of the unfamiliar, of the Uncharted. She stated, “would could it be that delivers such appreciating smell? Is it the product of the Gods concealed profound inside the land? Or on the other hand is it the wine of everlasting life? On the off chance that it is natural product, it must be the most stunning organic product in all the world!” Thus, is the start of the story of Jenn ‘N Juice. Try it out, and let us know your interpretation of the strange and heavenly e-fluid!


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