Vape Addiction- Cookies and Cream E-liquid

E Cigarette E juice and E liquid-

  • Made From Premium Flavours
  • 80/20 VG/PG
  • 120ml in Quantity, Strength 3mg
  • Made in California, USA (Imported)
  • 100% Natural Flavour E Jucie
  • Flavour Type- Cookies and Cream E-liquid
  • Brand- Vape Addiction


Vape Addiction- Cookies and Cream E-liquid

Cookies and Cream is always a first love of everyone! from children’s to the adults. Cookies and Cream together tastes like a Creamy Cake or Pastry with a fine upper or middle layer of mustered cookies or chocolate cookies. Vape Addiction- Cookies and Cream E-liquid is specially made for cake, Pastry, Cookies and Cream lovers across the globe. Generally there are many E liquids and E juices available in India and Globe with the flavour of cookies and Cream But this e liquid is something different when it comes to premium brand and premium flavours with whooping quantity.

Vape E liquid Technical Specifications-

The above e liquid has a USP which is its quality. Many e liquids companies in the market prefers quality over quantity and those are considered as premium or exclusive brand. But Vape Addiction is a e liquid introduced with both. Quality and Quantity. The Whooping quantity which is 120 ml makes this vape juice stands out of the Box. Also its is one of the most selling e liquid on online and offline store. Vape Addiction- Cookies and Cream E-liquid is a leading in our Big Boy E liquids Category.


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